We need the help of the entire Bulimba community to get behind this amazing new community event.


Bulimba State School desperately needs a new swimming pool that will not only benefit all the kids at the school, but the entire Bulimba community. Think community swimming lessons on the weekend and after school, community kids pool discos’ or community movies at the pool. What about a great space to be able to hire out for your next birthday party or community event!

The old one was built ages ago and it has a great big hole in it. A swimming pool with a big hole in it is pretty useless (think, full bath with the plug out!).

So, the Bulimba State School P&C is looking to raise a few (million) dollars to provide the school with a brand new pool so the kids can learn to swim and stuff. While no one will be getting paid to run this event, unfortunately it still costs a lot of money to run an event like this with road closures, equipment and all the other stuff that just costs money! That is why we are asking for both entry fees and for you all to get out there and raise some serious sponsorship as well. Much of the entry fees will go towards running the event and leftover funds and sponsorship money raised at the Burn will contribute the new pool. You can set up a Burn Fundraising Page here. Get your family and friends to sponsor you to run up a big hill. They’ll think you’re mad!!


Think about this – if 1,000 people from our school and community all Burn up the hill and each one of you raise $100 each, that’s $100,000 towards the multi-million dollar target we need to get our new pool