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Competitions and Raffles

Trivia Quiz

This year we'll see the return of the Champions Cup! The lucky winners get to keep the coveted Trivia trophy until the next Trivia Night so get those encyclopedias out and get learning.


Costumes & Tables

With prizes for best decorated table, best dressed team and best dressed individual… the calibre of competition will be as high as ever. At Trivia Night, there is no such thing as “too much”! Venue open from 9am to set up tables.

Last One Standing

If you don’t buy a $20 ticket for this, you’ll regret it once the game starts! Only 50 tickets are sold and each goes into a hat with the owner’s name written on it. One by one, tickets are removed and players are eliminated. The Last One Standing wins $500!* SWEET.

*Prize winnings are 50% of total sales, if all tickets are sold the prize is $500.