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P&C Executive Roles

P&C Executive Positions consist of:

  • President

  • Vice President (General)

  • Vice President (Events)

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

All nominations cease each year with options to nominate at the Annual General Meeting.

Further details of Responsibilities for the P&C Executive Positions as noted in the Support Guides for P&C’s are listed below.

  • to obtain confirmation of the minutes and to sign the minutes book

  • to announce business in accordance with the agenda

  • to give firm rulings and guidance to the meeting

  • to assist the discussion by guiding debate along relevant lines

  • to give all members the opportunity to speak but also to confine speakers to the matters under discussion

  • to put to the vote motions and amendments and to announce the result to determine points of order

  • to provide explanations to those in doubt about procedure or the subject matter under discussion

  • to introduce guest speakers and to arrange for movers of votes of thanks

  • to ensure that priority items on the agenda are dealt with accordingly

  • to establish the next meeting date and time and to close the meeting

Bulimba P&C operates Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services and the President has additional responsibilities and may have personal legal obligations regarding the operation of the OSHC service.


  • VP (General) - backs up other Execs when needed, ie, in Secretaries absence, take the minutes. Help with Treasury functions at fundraising events, etc.

  • VP (Events) - Organises and oversees events for the P&C, such as our annual Trivia Night and Bulimba Burn event.

The role of the Vice Presidents is to become familiar with P&C operations, rules and meeting procedures. The role of the Vice – Presidents is to provide essential support for the President and possibly other members of the team, i.e. assisting the Secretary or the Treasurer in some of their tasks. The Vice-President will chair those meetings from which the President is absent and carry out any duties that have been delegated by the President.


  • maintain attendance records and a register of members including ex officers and life members

  • assist the President in preparing an agenda for each meeting

  • collate agenda papers for each meeting (including subcommittee reports)

  • prepare and present minutes of P&C and officers’ meetings at each general meeting

  • record and deal with correspondence in/out as directed by the P&C

  • generally organise, record and maintain information pertaining to the activities of the P&C

  • have custody of P&C Association documents.



The Treasurer has the overall responsibility for the financial Management of the P&C.

Treasurer must:

  • comply with the Accounting Manual for P&C Associations

  • prepare an annual budget for the P&C

  • supply a financial statement at each meeting

  • make all cheque books, deposit books and receipt books together with books of account, available to the auditor

  • prepare annual statements, which must be audited and a copy forwarded to your DET Regional Office.

  • It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to keep accurate accounts of receipts and expenditure, however all executives have a responsibility to ensure that the P&C Association is operating openly within the policy and legislation provided to them by DET.

Treasurer should:

  • be involved in the preparation of the school budget where possible

  • promptly bank all monies received in the appropriate account

  • pay all accounts promptly when authorised by a meeting

  • issue receipts for all monies received

  • make sure all cheques are correctly filled out and signed by the appropriate people ( cheque butts should be filled out in detail as they are a record of payments made)

  • protect him self/herself by paying all accounts by cheque or EFT and cross all cheques ‘not negotiable’. The best way to issue a cheque for cash is to ‘uncross’ it by writing ‘please pay cash’ on the face with the two signing officers signing it a second time under those words. Cash cheques should only be used for petty cash. Petty cash cheques should be made out to a person e.g “Joe Bloggs

  • give a copy of the audited financial statements to the Secretary after the AGM and a second copy to the Principal

  • ensure accounting is open and transparent. Welcome questions

  • monitor wages

  • discuss and address any issues raised by the auditor

  • reports are countersigned

  • ensure all accounts are current and reconciled


If you would like to be a P&C Member, please complete the attached P&C Membership form and bring along to the AGM or return via email to secretary at secretary@bulimbasspc.org.au.