Bulimba Darts Swim Club

The Bulimba State School Amateur Swimming Club – The Bulimba Darts - was formed to give children the chance to experience competitive swimming in an informal setting. It is run by a volunteer sub-committee of the P&C.

Swim Club Nights are held on Thursday evenings during Term 1 and 4 in the school pool. Gates open at 5.30pm (Races start at 6pm) and it concludes at approximately 7.30pm. All current families and children from other schools in the area are welcome, up to year 6.

Children will learn new skills such as participating in a group activity, learning to win and lose with grace, improving their own swimming through watching and being challenged by others, and mixing with older and younger children. They will learn how to be marshalled for a race, listen for their lane allocation, how to dive and turn, and how to start and finish a race properly.


Our Swim Club encourages participation and self-improvement for swimmers of all abilities. We include assisted races for early swimmers, 25m races (all strokes), 50m races (all strokes) and a Race Special (100m) every week.


Children will be timed, many for the first time, and will race against children of similar ability. A ‘personal best’ time will be established for each swimmer and there will be points allocated each week for improving on their own time. These points will add up to awards at the end of season championship.


Fees for the 2021-2022 Season include:

All weekly racing events and the Christmas Fun Night (Term 4) and the Championship Night (Term 1)

Plus Trophy/Medal Night (Swimmers must attend a minimum of 7 for full season members or 5 for Term 1 only members to qualify for Championships)

Full Season (Term 4 and Term 1)


* Assisted swimmer – Free


Half Season (Term 4 or Term 1)

Half Season (one term) registration is available - please contact us for details

Registration includes: an exclusive Bulimba Darts Swim Cap and a parent-promise to volunteer on the BBQ or Canteen at least once during the season.  


The Darts Swim Club exists to supplement the swimming program offered by the school by providing opportunities for competition at a range of levels. Its objectives are:


  • To provide opportunities for children to grow and develop, physically, mentally and emotionally through the sport of swimming

  • To provide competitive opportunities to swimmers in a positive, encouraging environment

  • To support the school in its health and physical education programs

  • Support the P&C Association in fostering the well-being of Bulimba State School


This is OUR club, and as such volunteers and helpers are the only way to make this club work. We value your suggestions for improvement, your offer of help and your attendance and participation.


For information, please contact Bulimba Darts at: 

E: swimclub@bulimbasspc.org.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BulimbaDarts

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